Game Concepts


Empire: When the world is full of corrupt and powerful leaders, the empires of the world fall into decay, people turn against themselves and fight for what remains, however one decides to stand and fight what really caused the decay, finding what resources they can and taking on something much bigger than themselves, they slowly start to rebuild their once thriving world.

Fountain: When a young girl finds an old abandoned fountain in the forest, she decides to take a drink, noticing how the forest seems to change after she does, she starts to control the elements, growing up with this she keeps the fountain secret, until a group of orcs come across it, unable to fight them off, she can no longer keep it safe and therefore must fight the forces battling her.

Harm: Growing up in a village built to kill the weakest, there is danger everywhere. With harm around every corner, and sometimes inside the camp, the strongest few oversee everything, from the hunting to the fighting. An outcast, forced to live alone by the clan and hunt for himself comes back to challenge the leaders of the clan.


Surgeon: Horror has taken the world by storm, horror attractions and movies are all the rage, but when one goes wrong, who will be there to stop the mad scientists and surgeons from creating monsters and taking over everything? With the attraction seemingly closed, the noises and figures being seen from inside suggest a darker force at hand.


Costumed: The world decided to rewind a few hundred years, dragging out the Victorian outfits again and deciding to start over again, almost like one big fancy dress party, keeping everything to how it was in the history books, the elite decide to take control and put to rest the rebelling forces of the population.


Creator: You are the master of fate, you have the power to change the course of people’s lives and to change the course of history with the click of your fingers. Will you take this out of control and become an evil ruler? Or will you be loved by millions, and adored forever as a legend!


Forest: A dilapidated planet, nature has taken over, few survive and those who do struggle to find even the basics, fighting to get humanity back, many forces of evil try to stop the select few, nature has decided to wipe out and restart, seeing if humanity really has what it takes to survive.


Faith: Putting your faith in God has always been a saying, but now it has become literal, in order to stop yourself being infected by a virus you must put your whole being into faith, giving your all to God in order to fight.


Scarf: LARP: it has always been something people never talk about, it has always been weird, but one morning, a LARPER wakes and finds everyone in outfits, and a storyline to complete, with them as the main hero. Confused and worried he tries to find out what happened, but it is as if everyone believes this is the real world and he is now crazy and weird for not LARPing.


Other person’s Idea of my Concept:

Surgeon: We thought nothing of the missing patients, who would expect those in the position to help others, would in fact want to harm them? It’s no coincidence these events started to occur when St. Anne’s opened up. I find myself stuck in a situation so unbelievable, trapped in this torturous place. I’ve seen the very worst of humanity, as people beg for their lives, I’ve seen horrific scenes of violence. These doctors of evil practising wicked deeds upon the victims who came to them for help. I have to find a way to escape, a way to expose this place, show the world of the experimentation being done on the dying and sick.

I sit here in agony, darting my eyes around a small, dimly lit room, desperate for anything that will help me aid my escape. Unsure if the figure I see is paranoia or my “allocated specialist” here to administer another dose of pain, I meekly crawl along the floor, every movement creating an indescribable pain that creeps its way up my body, I bite down hard onto my lip, desperate to not make a noise…I must’ve drawn blood I crushed my bottom lip so hard.

The shadow seemed to disappear though, “maybe it was just a trick of the light” I tell myself. My mind is my only friend right now. I will set myself free.


  1. A hospital that tortures and experiments on its patients.
  2. The hospital environment.
  3. Escape the hospital, and expose what’s going on there.
  4. The fact the protagonist is in agony, and trying to avoid the doctors/hospital staff.
  5. The desperate attempt to escape, whilst dealing with the hallucinations of figures who aren’t there, and the horrific pains from the injuries the “doctors” inflicted upon him.

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