Game Concept Expanded: Forest

Original Concept:

Forest: A dilapidated planet, nature has taken over, few survive and those who do struggle to find even the basics, fighting to get humanity back, many forces of evil try to stop the select few, nature has decided to wipe out and restart, seeing if humanity really has what it takes to survive.

New Concept:

I came across the dark forest, the place abandoned over two hundred years ago by the Elves, no one knows why they left, or even what drove them out (If anything). I needed to find out. Being a Half-Elf, I never knew my father, all I heard from my mother was that he was a military man, a Ranger in the Scout Regiment, and that he did some of the most dangerous missions they could find.

The humans learned to accept me in the town, however I was never treated fairly, in some cases I was called names, and mistreated when I worked at the battlements. My job was only basic, reinforcing the walls and making sure the weapons were cleaned and organised, it wasn’t the best, but it’s good enough for me, it earned me enough money to look after my mother.

We could see the forest from our place, it was a good view, although we would always hear strange noises and see strange lights emitting from it. That’s when I knew I was destined for something more, that’s when I knew I was meant to find this secret.



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