Script Development

St.Alburns Strikes back.


Your ghost town adventures are behind you. But did the demons of St. Alburns really let you go?

Surgeon: We thought nothing of the missing patients, who would expect those in the position to help others, would in fact want to harm them? It’s no coincidence these events started to occur when St. Anne’s opened up. I find myself stuck in a situation so unbelievable, trapped in this torturous place. I’ve seen the very worst of humanity, as people beg for their lives, I’ve seen horrific scenes of violence. These doctors of evil practising wicked deeds upon the victims who came to them for help. I have to find a way to escape, a way to expose this place, show the world of the experimentation being done on the dying and sick.

I sit here in agony, darting my eyes around a small, dimly lit room, desperate for anything that will help me aid my escape. Unsure if the figure I see is paranoia or my “allocated specialist” here to administer another dose of pain, I meekly crawl along the floor, every movement creating an indescribable pain that creeps its way up my body, I bite down hard onto my lip, desperate to not make a noise…I must’ve drawn blood I crushed my bottom lip so hard.

The shadow seemed to disappear though, “maybe it was just a trick of the light” I tell myself. My mind is my only friend right now. I will set myself free.


Beat List:

  1. Wakes up in a dark room.
  2. Sees a shadow figure in the corner.
  3. Questions where he is.
  4. Leaves the room.
  5. Talks to the ‘Voice’ he hears.
  6. Explores a few areas of the building.
  7. Finds a file with his name on.
  8. Tries to find out where he is.
  9. Starts to see hallucinations.
  10. Must escape and discover his old memories.





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