Game Concept: Final Game

A young girl, blinded by a young White Dragon  when she was younger,  learned to use her connection with the magical elements of the world to see again, being able to communicate with animals and see through their eyes allowed her to have her freedom back. She became the Shaman on a group known as the Adhok. using her skills and the hunters of the group, they were able to live in peace with nature and live without fear of the nearing danger.

In the east, a powerful Tiefling is conjuring a plan in which to take her revenge. With a White Dragon at her side, she was ready to call upon her army of Half-Dragon Commanders, Ogre’s, and more. Little did she know, the White Dragon who she had made an alliance with was out on his own mission, to find the young girl he had chosen as a child, and complete his journey to reclaim the Dragon Rider Legend.

As the danger grows near, the village in the North falls to a group of bandits, leaving only the Shaman and a tribesman. Taking their horses and making a quick and quiet exit, they make it out okay. Knowing they are now alone, the Shaman feels her magical connection fading , the source coming from somewhere in the East.

The Shaman and Tribesman journey to the Land of the Forged, the Dwarven Kingdom on the boarder of Clearmont. they knew crossing the boarder wouldn’t be easy, they knew being outsiders they may have to fight, but she was determined to get her magic back.







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