Main Protagonist – 3D Modelling Process (From Sketch to Game Model)

Making a complete game is not an easy process, there are many things that go into the development of the game and therefore it takes a lot of time making sure everything is right.

I will be detailing the processes I take in creating the main Protagonist for my Game. This will detail the steps I took when developing the original Character Idea, then going onto bringing the idea to life by using Maya and Mudbox to create and sculpt the look I want. I will then explain and analyse any problems that I had, as I am doing it, so to keep it fresh in my mind, and also explaining how I fixed or overcome the problem.

Step One – Character Concept

This is the very first step I took in the Character Creation process. It involved me searching for inspiration and similarities to my character in other places, such as TV shows, Games, Films, Books etc.


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