Visual Storytelling – Assignment Outline

As the time passes before the deadline, I will be working towards being ready and confident in my work. I will, therefore, be taking my time when completing each piece of work, staying on the schedule I have allowed myself from the presentation I did a few months ago.

I have also set myself a goal of creating one new piece of research or evidence every two weeks in order to make me keep on top of my work and produce more work to a good standard.

I am aware I may not be able to make every piece of evidence outside of University, so I am taking into account the time I need to set aside for this assignment as well as the others. This will therefore allow me to chose the pieces of work I can produce the best, and focus my time on that.

Over the next few weeks, I will create a piece of concept art for each of my characters, a few of my environments, and any specific scenes I am interested in, in order to show how I want my products to look and the atmosphere I want it to portray.



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