Concept Art


A lot of my Concept Art is focused around the different character designs, and my image of what I wanted them to be. My Concept Art is in a very unrealistic style, and in the future I would like to work on that a bit more, to try and work on my realism and make that shine through a little better, but for now, I feel the concept art portrays the atmosphere of the game along with everything else I have done, and it will help people to try and understand the characters more just by looking at them.

The Concept Art I am showing you, are the ones related to my game directly, so the girl is my Protagonist, the masked man is one of my antagonists, along with the Dragon. I wanted to focus on doing some concept art and make it the best I could, to portray a complete version of the imagery I had in my head rather than doing a lot of pieces and losing the vision in them.



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