As a whole project, I think I worked very well, I worked hard and portrayed the vision that I had from the beginning across to people within my final products. I enjoyed seeing everyone else’s finished ideas and the development that they had worked with, and I also enjoyed learning things for myself.

I learnt a lot of new skills on Adobe Software’s, such as After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Audition.

In turn, this has made me a lot more confident in my skills as a Media Practitioner, and as a Game Student, and I look forward to doing more of this in the future.

However there were some things I found difficult. I did find that some of the things I learnt how to do took me a while to get them right, and I was making silly mistakes, which in turn made the process of doing something a lot longer and a lot harder. I also believe that if I could go and do the whole project again, I would allow myself longer for the Trailer and the Editing side of things, and not necessarily put so much pressure on myself to make them be perfect and rushed. I also found that putting my trailer onto the Blog and onto YouTube took a lot longer than expected, and so if I could go and do that again, I would allocate more time for that.

The overall finalised products came out extremely well, I am very happy with them and showing them to other people and asking for feedback has really helped me get them to the best quality I can, and in turn has made me extremely happy with the quality they came out.

My favourite product overall has to be the trailer, I did spend longer than I had planned too on it, but I believe it was worth it, as the quality and effort I put into making it the best it could be really shone through, there are always improvements I could make and once again if I could go back and redo it I would put the time in to go and shoot some footage myself, and really solidify what I wanted the trailer to become. Unfortunately I could not do that as the location I had in mind cut the shoot off at the last moment, which could not be helped.

My least favourite part of the project, would probably be documenting everything. For me, I find it difficult to know what I have or have not done, and with large projects, knowing where everything is becomes very important for me. I therefore, forget to write things down once I have done them, and I miss out some very important steps.

I have, however, worked on that. I have come up with a system that every time I make a few bits of progress in my work, I make a tally. When the tally reaches a certain number I then take a break for a few minutes, make notes on what I have completed, and what I still need to complete, and then go back to my work and repeat that process.

So far it has worked very well for me, and I have documented a lot of the things I would have forgotten to document otherwise. Unfortunately not everything has been documented, as some things I could not figure out how to explain and other things did not fit and so I had to remove the idea from the project.

The most fun thing for me when working on this was learning new things. There are some things I made that I did not even know certain software was capable of making, and now that I know that, I have it for the future to improve my long term skills and work-flow. I did really enjoy the research side of things as well as the practical side. I enjoyed researching about my game type, and the kinds of trailers people had put together for a game like mine. I enjoyed looking at reference things and putting together the blog so that I can go back and look at how I did something, or what I did well and really liked, as well as what I would like to change.

All together, the whole section of the project has been an amazing experience, and a very insightful and knowledgeable one. It has been interesting to see how everyone pulls together to work as a team if someone has a problem they can’t fix, and to see the different styles people have developed on their own, and how they come together as one when put into a project like this.

It has also been wonderful to have the opportunities to speak to industry professionals about the quality and amount of work I am producing, and getting real-life, industrial feedback, to help me when I leave and look for a career.

I believe that the quality of my work is the best it can be, and that if I put any more time into it then it would ruin the vision I had for it. I believe that every product I have created has been a very well thought out piece, a well-developed piece, and ultimately a very true product.

The one vision I had when creating these developmental products, was that I wanted it to stay close to the games idea; I didn’t want people to get a different concept when they looked at the trailer or at the artwork or music. And I believe I have done that. Every single piece I have put my time into, has been something I would be happy in a portfolio, and happy showing people as a concept and a developmental step for an indie game.

There are still things that I could improve, and there are things that I still wish to learn. Adobe After Effects has been a staple for me when editing and doing VFX on things, and so has Sony Vegas, but I have only just started to know the full extent of what these software’s can do. And I am very excited and intrigued to find out the rest, there are software’s and pieces of equipment that I have never looked at before that could improve my work immensely, and I am extremely happy to learn about them.

I am already improving my artwork, and it has already improved by a lot already. I am very happy with the progress I have made in the past few months, and I am excited to see where my art will go in the future, along with my creativity, motivation and passions for this work.


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