Trailer Development and Final Product


For my trailer, I am using mostly royalty free footage, to not have any Copyright issues if I upload it onto a social media platform. However, I have had to use some Copyright material, to get my trailer to how I want it. Meaning that I will have to give credit to those people and ask permission if I am uploading it to YouTube or Social Media.

If I could Remake it I would go and film a lot of the things I wanted in my Trailer myself, so there would be no problem with the footage I would be using, and I would be able to show my vision off exactly how I want it to be.

I have gathered a lot of footage together, from different sources, and I have put them into a rough edit of what I think could work well. I am using a song called Rapture (Copyright Free). There are some very good points to the song that I think will work very well for a trailer.

I have finished putting my rough cut or first draft together, and am very happy with it. It works very well and the music fits the atmosphere perfectly. I am now working on making the audio fit a little better, and finding the perfect section to go along with the already edited footage.

I now have a section of music/audio that I think works well with the footage, it is very suspenseful and tense, and it builds very nicely. I now must edit the audio to keep it from being too loud, and refine a few of the clips, as they are not working properly and now do not fit the mood of the trailer.

The audio is edited, and the footage has been changed. Now I will render it out, create a separate first draft file and then take it into After Effects, to make any small changes and add in some colour correction and titles. To really finish the Trailer.

I have now imported the footage, and I have added a simple Auto Colour Correction effect to it, just to dull some of the background colours and bring out the foreground colours, and to really show off just how nice the clips look. The colour correction is a very vital part in bring the trailer to life even more, and making it seem a lot more professional, rather than just raw footage.

To work a little quicker and make sure everything works well, I have brought in the footage multiple times, once again, editing the clips to mimic the edit I made in Sony Vegas. This way, I can edit each clip individually, without having to worry about any effects or edits overlapping with each other.

I have added in title sequences, explaining what the game is about, and the most important factors that the player will need to know. So far it is going very well, I am very pleased with it.


The First draft has been completed, and I have shown it to a few people, and they had some very constructive things to say, so I have taken it on board and I have decided to create a brand-new trailer, but keep certain elements that I really liked in the old one.

The new trailer is planned to be a lot quicker, and show off a lot more of the locations that I will be having in the game, whilst also creating a sense of mystery and intrigue into what the game is about. I am already liking this version a lot more than the previous one. Showing a good development in the trailer.

I have gone through more footage, and looked for the things I wanted exactly, and I found them, I asked the people who created them if I would be able to use them and they gave me permission, so I have started to make another quick edit of all the footage together and I am seeing what I can do with both the new and old pieces of footage that I have decided to use.

I am putting together a very rough edit, showing the kind of thing I want to work on, and being able to change up what I don’t like about it very quickly, I have kept different footage on different timeline sections so I know where each piece of footage, and to help keep me organised. I am really liking the look of the new trailer, and thing it will turn out amazingly.


I have completed the second draft edit, but I have a few things I want to add in and mess around with, but I cannot do that unless I have the footage in After Effects. One of the main things I wanted to have was a dragon, or some form of large, winged creature show up in the game.

Having previous knowledge of After Effects and super imposing images, I know how to do this rather quickly. I just need to figure out where in the timeline I can do that, and then I need to get the actual footage of the dragon.

I have completed Rotoscoping the Dragon animation into the scene I wanted, I have also rendered it all as one scene, making sure all the colour, animations and everything I have added are correct, and nothing seems out of place. Now that it looks like a finalised trailer, I have added in a title sequence at the end and finished it on a Cliff-Hanger, literally.





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